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Open Questions to Olmert: Where are our Prisoners? If you were going to negotiate for their release, why did we fight and lose so many more of our beautiful Jewish children? The time has come, Mr. Olmert to get our prisoners home safely, and I suggest that you read the piece by HaRav Shlomo Aviner while you are at it.

Please read: A call for a Boycott

I personally oppose the unilateral declaration of Gaza, parts of Yehuda and Shomron as Yudenrein by the Government of Israel, and the abandonment of the Jews living in those areas as well as all the rest of Israel to daily attack by terrorists who are attempting to kill them. - You are welcome to submit opposing views for publication.

Turn the Web Orange!!

Dr. Robert Katz

The Noble Nobel

Yashiko Sagamori

The Inevitability of Genocide

All Quiet on the Western Front, or Messiah without Divinity

Ed Lasky

The New York Times and The Jews

Rabbi Baruch Lederman

Dvar Torah Parashat Noach 2005

Joel Block

An Open Letter to Kofi Amman, Secretary of the United Nations

From Where I Sit January 30, 2005

From Where I Sit September 10, 2004

From Where I Sit July 12, 2004

From Where I Sit June 9, 2004

From Where I Sit May 24, 2004

From Where I Sit May 20, 2004

A response to Tom Friedman's May 16th NY Times

From Where I Sit

Irwin Graulich

Those Poor, Innocent Lebanese

Israel is Much Too Nice

Arab Port Whine

Wipe Israel Off The Map

Ending the "State" of Worldwide Terrorism

The Haj To Sloan-Kettering and Hadassah Hospital

Attention Single Jewish Women

Why This Jew Loves Christmas

Yasser, That's My Baby

Farenheit Falluja

Antisemitism Eventually Hits Everyone

The anti-Israel Saga of Tom Friedman et al

"Court" on the Fence

Muslim Therapy

Why I Celebrate Rantisi's Death

Let Israel do Iran

The Congressional Abuse Excuse

Israel Zwick

Arab Involvement in International Media

Will the Real Secretary of State Please Stand Up?

Prisoner Exchange

Farmer Without a Roof

Following the Golden Peacock

Disengage Jewish Settlements from Florida

The $50,000 Solution

On an Arab Referendum

Searching For A Solution

From The Mouth of the UN

Palestinian State Will Create Problems Not Solve Them

Violence: Blame the Victim, Reward the Perpetrator

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

OK, So What's the Plan?

The Webster Peace Plan

Dismantle Refugee Camps, not Jewish Settlements

Reply to NY Times Editorial

Squalid Refugee Camps

A Dangerous Precedent

Phyllis Chesler

Osama, Bush and a Little Girl

Terrorism on the Western Campus

A Survivor of Palestinian Tyranny

True Speech Versus Free Speech - Part II

True Speech Versus Free Speech

The Race Against Lies

Angela Bertz

No one likes a long after dinner speech

Little Women

The NATFHE is living in the twilight zone

And The Oscar Goes To . . .

The Saddest Subject Line

Bang, Bang You're Dead! (Arming the Palestinians)

It Only Takes a Minute

Light a Candle For Anat Rosenberg

Tea and Sympathy

Bye Bye Love

MBE - Most Biased Editorial

Good Luck Ms. Blackwell

A Grain of Rice

The Little Bus That Could

The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn

The 2004 Apologist for Palestinian Terrorism Award Ceremony

Tarabisho and the Teletubbies

Peace and Good Will to All Men

Jack Straw's Red and Gold Chrysanthemums

Last Will and Testament of Yasser Arafat

Presbyterian Pride and Prejudice

Talking to a Brick Wall

We've Heard all this before

Hanan Ashrawi Takes Gold in Athens

Patrick Dempsey

A Note From Patrick Dempsey about his work

Important Memo on Holocaust Remembrance

Jack Engelhard

Demolition Derby: A Plan For Who Goes First

Gush Katif via Barbara Sommer

The Winners: From Gush Katif



HaRav Shlomo Aviner

Jonathan Pollard and Israel's Prognosis for the New Year 5767

Rabbi Haim Cassorla

Who declared that the Jews may only have one State?

The Call is Not So Clear - But it Sounds Like "About Face"

LiR'ote Et Ha'Nolad

Letter to The President of the United States of America

The Coup D'Etat is behind us; the sea is in front of us

Response to Eric Yoffe:Confront the Extremists

Hudna, Hudna, Who Wants a Hudna

Kristallnacht 5765

A Modest Proposal

Laws Concerning Tashlikh

A View on Mental Illness

An Open Letter to the Hon. Ariel Sharon

President Bush Lied - But I Forgive Him

Bulletin - ICJ Rules against Crown Heights Eruv

The Proper Homage to Ataturk

Pick a Place - Draw a Line

Is a Client State the Solution?

Memorial Day 2004

An open letter to Hannan Ashrawi

March 15 2004

Rabbi Jonathan Miller


Tarek Hamid

Is there a hope to "reform" Islam

Ashley Perry

I am a Settler

David Frankfurter

'Money cannot fix' Palestinian woes before real reform: World Bank

Peace and Good Will to All Men?

David Mozeson


Does LaShon Kodesh Have Sub-roots,Like That Other Divine Science Called Chemistry?


Tsunami - Part 2

Tsunami - From Edenics

Language: The Chattering of Chimps or Babble from Babel?

David Wilder - from Hebron

Please G-D, Stop The Missles

Arlene Peck

Ratings Down?

Bush Ain't no friend… And Olmert...

Hey, Let's Give Away The Candy Store

Wow! Even Arabs Fake it!

The Movie Spielberg Should Have Made

Taking Away My Mascara is War!

Time to Think About Annex and Transfer!

The Islamists Are Content to Battle Us 'One Slice at a Time'

Support From Jews But Not For Jews?

The ACLU and CAIR…Strange Bedfellows

When Does The Hug-In Begin?

It's Them vs. Us Everywhere

Who Says Israel Has Democracy?

Could They Be Tested for Dementia?

People are Really, Really Nice

Sticks, Stones and Words

Maybe When It Comes to Prime Ministers It is time To Get the Hook

Moshe Yisraeli

The Jewish Republic of Judea & Samaria

Steven Plaut

The Greatest Secret in the Middle East Revealed!

Auld Lang Zion 2005

Religious Coercion, Reform Style

Dennis Prager

The Left is Worth Nothing

Louis Rene Beres


Surviving "DISENGAGEMENT" Israel, Civil Disobedience And THE HIGHER LAW

Roger M. Pearlman CTA

The Recent Complex Creation
(A CTA Evaluates Torah and Science in a New Light)


Ted Belman

Making a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear

Rabbinical Congress For Peace

Urgent Call

Naomi Ragen




Turn The WEB Orange!!!

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